Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 Sometimes, we don't ever think to be somebody in our life. During my lifetime for instance, I never thought that I will be joining a career as teacher one day due to job difficulties. In fact, even though 'teaching' is one of the most honorable job, but I still can't afford to claim such occupation as one of the most preferable job in my ambitions list.

 However, as human being, we just manage to plan what we would like to be but Allah is everything. He knows what the best for his slaves and He can afford to determine their fate and destiny. By His wisdom, I was destined to be a teacher, something unprecedented and unpremeditated before. But knowing that no all could be a teacher, I'm very thankful to Allah for giving me such valuable experience even just for two months.

 Last but not least, to all my colleagues, remain consistent with "never give up attitude" and be optimist in particular in educating our Muslim generation, and to all my beloved students, study hard and always aim to be brilliant and successful in life. My pray, I hope brightness of your brain, maturity of your emotion, and nobility of your characters are nurtured. amiiin...

Especially to 2 EPISCIA, 2 MAWAR, 2 ANGGERIK, 1 EPISCIA, 1 AKASIA and all students SMK BANDAR BARU PUTRA, Good Luck and I love you all so much… =)

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Mohd Kamil said...

cam pnh pegi skolah tu... tapi bila ek.. but nice pic.. I like it!