Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 I refer to the reports late Thursday over the iron ore project issue in Teluk Rubiah, Lumut, Perak which have been highlighted by various Medias. Even though, detail explanation was given by Chief Minister to clarify the issue, I felt responsible to point out my personal view from investment and industry perspective. Indeed, I was saddened and disappointed when realizing that this project was manipulated by certain stakeholders ostensibly will bring pollution to the environment resulting from uncertainty situation and dispute among people.

 As one of the society members, I have nothing to against the project as both present and previous governments agreed to provide full support and facility due to the spin-offs of the project to the state. People particularly Manjung folk should support any kinds of effort to bring investment that offer high impact to broaden and strengthen the economic base of the state, provide job opportunities and create wealth for the benefit of the community.

 In the initial stage, the Brazilian base company, Vale International which was founded in 1942 and employing 70,785 people worldwide had identified a few potential locations in various nations such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine and Malaysia as well. After identification and evaluation process completed, the company ultimately decided to choose Malaysia as a location to bring high quality iron ore from Brazil to be placed in Teluk Rubiah, Perak as a distribution hub due to Perak was the only state that capable to facilitate and fulfill their requirements compared to other states.

 Hence, Perak State Government as well as InvestPerak was instrumental in ensuring that the 1.4 bil USD project (first phase) will be located in Perak. Without inadequate infrastructure and serious commitment from State Agencies, people’s hope to see Perak to be an ASEAN regional hub as well as Asia Pacific for high quality iron ore distribution centre in future is impossible and just daydream at noon.

 Summing up the discussion, everybody should play their role to deliver accurate information among people. The lack of awareness and the scarcity of information will affect government aspiration to increase the growing pace of trade and investment in each sectors ranging from high value manufacturing to integrated agriculture and aquaculture. At the end of the day people will enjoy excitement from tangible success of the government transformation programmes when Malaysia advances into developed nation by 2020.