Thursday, June 5, 2008


Malaysian people were shocked by the government's announcement yesterday to increase the price of petrol and diesel approximately 41% from today. It is a wonder the government can take the drastic action with immediate effect to avoid the increase of petrol price in the global market

In my opinion, the decision to increase RM 0.78 per litre for petrol and RM 1 a litre for diesel is inaccurately and unacceptable. Despite Malaysia still has one of the lowest fuel price in the word, but this is not a reason to burden the people.

We still consider and thank to the government for giving us another subsidy by forming alternative mechanism as been declared earlier by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Shahrir Samad. The mechanism actually helps the government to bar foreign vehicles particularly from Thailand and Singapore from using Malaysian petrol subsidy. It is because the government has spent RM13.7bil for subsidizing fuel previously for Malaysian and not for other foreign people.

However, there are some problems that the government has to settle effectively. It is about the increasing of food prices. In this matter, I'm agreed with CAP president's view that the 40 per cent increase in fuel price should not be used as an excuse to increase the price of other consumer goods and services. If the price will increase, it will put more burdens to the people especially who are living in poverty and came from rural area. By hook or by crook, the government has to do something for ensuring the increase of the food and others prices will not happen!!!