Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Recently, we have seen over the massive change moved dramatically in US. Also, this topic has been highlighted as the hottest news worldwide and became a main topic among the people to discuss and argue for.

When we talk about this issue, there are several things that I would like to share with. First of all is about the change itself and how it’s going on. In my opinion, this item shouldn’t be ignored due to the importance of it to be implemented in the other countries. In this situation, Barack Obama was appointed by American to be a new President, so what he will do to perform his plan and practice the ‘change’ effectively?

“Change, We Need!!!” everyone can say and use this phrase; however what’s the kind of change we need for? Furthermore, is it just a political gimmick to influence others for thrusting our agenda? This question should be answered by him. The election was over and now is a time to walk the talk. The change must be represented and what he has promised previously should be performed well.

Hopefully, he will not take for granted the people believe, but he will solve all the problems in respect of economic crisis and the relationship between West and third world country particularly Islamic nations such as Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

Secondly is about the implementation of the change in the rest countries especially our nation. American’s politic has changed and they decide to topple the racism’s political culture. So, how about the rest? Is there any efforts and intention to develop our society without unjust and discrimination policies although our political landscape has changed on the last general election? I don't think so due to recent issues which are happening in our country. The objection of the appointment of non-Malay as the acting general manager of Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) by certain parties such as UMNO for example showed us that the thinking of our society is too bad compared with the rest.

This is the main problems which are still happening around us. It is our responsibility and role regardless of race and religion to change it for ensuring the development of equal society in our beloved nation.